The Adventures of Sandy Clown

Sandy Clown's Heritage



     The original Sandy Clown was made in 1948 by a member of Pastor Carlson's church in Northern Minnesota. Sandy was given to Lori Erickson (Sissy) as a gift before the Carlson family moved to Alaska.

Sissy on their trip along the Alaska Highway

     In 1962 Ellen Carlson (Mother) took Sandy Clown apart. She made a pattern and created a new clown for Lori's son, John.

  John received Clowny for his first Christmas.                John reads to Clowny.

     John named his clown "Clowny" and he was a pal. When John grew older, he passed Clowny on to his brothers and sister.

     Lori took Clowny apart in 2000. She made a Sandy Clown for each of her grandchildren. This new little clown inspired her to write Sandy Clown's story.

            Clowny right before Lori took him apart.             New clowns for Lori's grandchildren.

Sandy Clown IIITM  20" Doll


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