The Adventures of Sandy Clown

The Author
Lori Erickson



     LouRayne Carlson (Lori Erickson) was born in Bemidji, Minnesota. She is the youngest daughter of Pastor Albin and Mrs. Ellen Carlson.


     Near their home in northern Minnesota a young fawn was orphaned and became a special friend to the Carlson children. Pictured here is Bambi, Sissy (2) and Jeanie (5). In the story, The Journey Home, Sandy Clown meets Bambi just before the Carlsons leave for Alaska.


     In 1948 the Carlson family moved to Alaska. Lori grew up in the rugged Alaska pioneer world where her father built churches. The Carlsons were the first missionaries of their denomination to go to Alaska.



Pictured from left to right is:
Jeanie, Mother, Sissy,
Daddy, Carol and Buddy
in Alaska.


     After leaving Alaska, Lori continued her education in California and Minnesota. In 1969 she married Steve Erickson. They moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1974 where Lori attended Kirkwood Community College. She became interested in creative writing and has written a number of short stories. Steve's career took them from Iowa to Huntsville, Alabama, and then back to Minnesota.

     Lori and Steve have four children and eight grandchildren. While her children where growing up, Lori was a full time mother and a volunteer in school, church and community. She has run for public office and continues to be politically active.



      Lori and Steve presently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Steve
grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and
they are at home in the mountains.


      They enjoy skiing, horse back riding, hiking, camping, flying, canoeing, sailing, and traveling with their fifth wheel to visit children and grandchildren.

     Lori also enjoys sewing and began writing Sandy Clown's story after making clown dolls for her grandchildren.

     She is working on Book Two of the series Adventures of Sandy Clown and making Sandy Clown III dolls.


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