The Adventures of Sandy Clown

Written by Lori Erickson
Illustrated by Marcy Boerman
Published by Selah Publishing Group, LLC




          Book 1                                    Sandy Clown III.



A Note to Parents

      "The Adventures of Sandy Clown" is a tale based on truth that takes your child into the imaginary world of a childhood friendship. It is the clown's story about life with "Sissy," told as "Sandy" remembers it.

      When Sandy Clown becomes part of the Carlson family, he learns that he and Sissy are very much alike. They are both the wiggly, curious type, and a little bit peppery. Sissy and Sandy develop a kind of understanding that is common in such imaginary friendships.

      In The Journey Home, Book One, Sissy promises Sandy she will always love him, even if he can't love her. He decides to learn about love and he longs for a heart so he can love Sissy back.

      However, he learns that love doesn't come from having a heart, love comes from someone called Heavenly Father.


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